Different Types of Cookies that Can Be Used as Houston, TX Wedding Dessert and Souvenir

 Oct, 14 - 2016   Sweet Wedding Treats

Various Types of Cookies That are Worth Knowing

wedding-cookieSweet treats are not only awesome as an addition to your list of wedding desserts but also serves as good choice for a wedding souvenir for your guests. However, a simple and plain cookie won’t make the cut if you want to leave a lasting impression. You have to give something extra special kind of cookies since it is also a very special event for you. What are the different types of cookies that you can choose from and be your wedding cookies in Houston, TX?

Chocolate chip cookies is probably the most common type of cookie. It is what you usually see on the pastry shops and even in the groceries. It is hard to to like baked cookies with choco or cherry chips. Next to popularity are drop cookies. It is called a drop cookie as it is made by dropping an amount of cookie dough from a tablespoon over the cookie sheet. There are soft drop cookies and there are also stiff ones.

Another type of cookie is the so-called bar cookies. Squared-shaped and probably the easiest to make, bar cookies are done by pouring the dough or batter into a pan and is cut into pieces after it is baked. On the other hand, brownies which is also another type of cookie is an example of batter cookie. Brownies are rich but dense cake and is typically chocolate flavored. However, there are fudgy brownies and there are also cakey ones. Brownies are also upgraded by adding nuts, peanut butter or choco chips, and even frosting.

Biscotti is a cookie type that has nuts and baked two times to make them crisp cookies. The first time it is baked, the dough is in flat logs form. After it is sliced, these will be baked again to gain its distinct dryness and crispiness. You can check the photograph online to have an idea.

What makes cookie cutter cookies different from the rest is that these are refrigerated before it is shaped and baked. If you are familiar with traditional Christmas cookies, then you have already come across with this another type of cookie.

Not very flattering to have as wedding cookies in Houston, TX, still it is helpful to know a bit about cake mix cookies. Literally, these are made from cake mix. If it is just a small wedding but you don’t have the time to undergo the delicate process of cookie making from scratch, then cake mix cookies could do. Just add a little bit of twist to make it appealing in visual and in taste.

Another easy to make type of cookie are those that no required baking. No bake cookies are the rum balls and the krispie and peanut butter bars that you often eat. Yes, these cookies are not baked and some are usually just refrigerated. If a full-fledged refrigerated cookie is what you want for your wedding, then there the so-called Icebox cookies or refrigerator cookies. Its dough should be made stiff and in cylinder form prior to slicing and then baking it. Some can also be baked after it is refrigerated to serve them warm.

Another common type of cookie are shaped cookies. These are the cookies that are shaped with hands or with the use of cookie molders like shortbread.

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