Know Your Traditional and Alternative Choices to Wedding Cakes in Miami, FL

 Feb, 29 - 2016   Sweet Wedding Treats

Your Top Picks for Exquisite Wedding Cakes

When you’re looking at wedding cakes in Miami, FL, its pays to know the choices between traditional and alternative wedding cakes, one example is that you don’t need a complicated cake which is covered in delicious fondant or buttercream icing to be an awesome wedding cake. There are actually so many alternatives to wedding cakes that you will be surprised on how much extra money you can save on getting a different non-traditional cake.

Wedding CakeHere are a couple cakes which are classified traditional and alternative.

Tiered fruitcake and marzipan (traditional): this is a common wedding cake that comes with a long interesting history. It is said to be modeled on London’s Bride’s Church (in England). This cake is really rich though and if you’re looking for wedding cakes in Miami, FL some people might not like the taste of a fruitcake. Check the photographs online for ideas.

Cupcakes (alternative): A lot of people are starting to jump into the trend of having cupcakes in their wedding rather than the ordinary or traditional wedding cake and for a good reason. It will cost relatively cheaper than a single big wedding cake and will use up less space (depending on how you set it up). You can arrange them in such a way that it will have a beautiful arrangement that will look like a whole wedding cake, and when the reception is done, guests can easily take some home with them, instead of wasting time slicing the cake and packing them individually.

Croquembouche (French traditional):  This is a really tall cone with a cascade of toffee to which you can add candied nuts, chocolate, flowers or ribbons and many more. This usually serves 30 to 40 guests.

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