Party Bus Rental and Other Transportation Options for Wedding In Houston, Texas

 Aug, 30 - 2016   Bridal Car Packages

Several Options for Wedding Vehicle

Party Bus4Every bride and groom must be hoping for a memorable wedding day. Aside from taking their pictures, one of the many ways to ensure that your wedding will become one of the most colourful days of your life is to choose the best wedding vehicle that will transport you from Point A to Point B. The question, however, is what type of wedding transportation is perfect for your wedding event. From party bus rental in Houston, Texas to rickshaws to a vintage truck wagon, here are several options for wedding transportation that can create picture-perfect backdrops for your wedding photography.

Option #1: A wedding horse-drawn carriage

If you’ve always been dreaming of a fairytale-like wedding, why not hire a horse-drawn carriage and a driver to take you to your wedding venue. You may also ask the provider you can add some decorations to the carriage such as lanterns, artificial vines and leaves, and other magical-looking decorations.

Option #2: A rustic wagon

When you’re planning to tie the knot somewhere in the country and want to have a rustic wedding theme, why not getting a rustic wedding pick up or wagon to transport you and your partner to the place of your wedding event.

Option #3: A vintage bicycle or pedicab

Dreaming of a very casual, simple, and unique way of going from point A to point B on your wedding day? The answer to your question can be a vintage bicycle or pedicab driven by your friend or a close relative. But this should only work best when the place you’re starting the travel is nearby the place of your wedding ceremony.

Option #4: A wedding bus or van

Getting a party bus rental for wedding in Houston, Texas or a van can provide great value for your wedding budget. The best thing about party buses or vans is that you can transport a group of people in just one trip. This you can’t do when you have your parents, bridesmaids, and groomsmen take different cars.

Option #5: A white wedding taxi cab

Do you want to stick to the classic white car but still want to add a unique personality on your wedding transportation? Consider getting a white wedding car designed with a taxi cab appearance. This way, you’ll surprise your guests by seemingly arriving in a taxi instead of the traditional stretch limo.

Choose the right type of transportation that complements well with your wedding theme, your budget, and the character.


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