Tips to Get Cinematic Wedding Videos in Houston, TX

 Aug, 30 - 2016   Excellent Wedding Videography

Capturing Cinematic Wedding Videos

Not all wedding videos are created equal. You don’t have to hire professional wedding videographers in Houston, Texas if you have a good camera and a willing friend or family to learn how to shoot good wedding videos. You can use these tips to capture videos that you can be surely proud of.

VideographerFirst, avoid shooting too much footage. The point is capturing only the most important and right shots for your wedding album. This is especially true in the beginning of the video production. If you’re going to make a 3 to 5 minutes of wedding trailer, you don’t need a ton of footages.

Second, always ask yourself if you’re going to use this shot in your video. Every time you capture a footage, ask yourself and be realistic with your response. Don’t waste your time in shooting clips that you won’t use for the album.

Third, be fast and light if you don’t want to waste golden, romantic moments. This is especially true if you’re carrying gears and equipment. Wear light clothes and bring only light gears so that it would be easier for you to use different kinds of lenses and camera without having too much movement.

Fourth, keep your shots natural. When it comes to wedding venues that best type of shots that you should take are cinematic documentary styles. Don’t overly stage or force your shots. Candid shots are often the most interesting styles that you can use for your wedding photos. Make sure you have the important things covered before you get all those cool transition shots.

Lastly, the secret to having amazing and cinematic videos is by capturing moments that are full of life and emotion. Weddings are very special and emotional times of a couple’s life and you should not miss getting images and clips that clearly resonates the happiness and joy of these people.

Follow these 5 tips in getting cinematic wedding videos and have clips that look like shot by professional wedding videographers in Houston, TX. There are lots of techniques that are available to today. It would be great to check some tutorials that will surely help you to come up with quality service. There are also some paid online courses that you might want to avail. Keep in mind that the difference between a good wedding filmmaker and a great one doesn’t come down to having the best camera or gear.

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