Tips on Preventing Your Headshots in Houston, TX from Looking Like Mugshots

 Aug, 15 - 2016   Must Have Wedding Photos

How to Get the Headshot Photos on Your Wedding Day

14Headshots are something that you must also have on your wedding photos. However, you should know that taking headshot photographs that is well-done is not as easy as taking a selfie. There are many factors that could determine the quality of the photos. What’s important is that you make your wedding headshots in Houston, TX a real headshot with a wedding vibe rather than a mere mugshot. Here are few tips on how you can have the best headshots from your wedding day.

  1. Consult your hired wedding photographer – How headshots would look differ on how you want it to be. It is important that your wedding photographer knows what result that must be achieved for your headshots. This will also make them prepare and the necessary technical adjustments for it to be done.
  2. Be relaxed when they take your headshots – The best headshot is one that looks natural the most. It is important that you are confident and comfortable. For sure, you don’t want your headshot photo to look strained or have that Monalisa look. One good tip is to start the photo shoot session with silly faces. It will help you feel more relaxed and his also serves as a chance for the photographer to test if the lighting on you is okay. Break the ice and have more fun on your wedding photo shoot.
  3. Be aware of your background – Yes, your wedding photographer is the expert on this, but it would not hurt to be familiar with what are the best kind of backdrops are for wedding headshots. Your wedding photography starts in the place where you prepare for your wedding. Be it at your home or in a hotel you have booked for, look for an area that could be a neat and ideal backdrop and recommend it to your photographer. Might as well scout your wedding venue if there are great background that can be also used for your wedding headshots on Houston, TX.
  4. Listen to your wedding photographer – You hired him because you need someone expert in taking your wedding photographs. All you need to do is to trust him and respond to his instructions. There is no need to worry at it is their job to make you feel at ease and assure you that you are doing a great job. During the session, it is natural that they will keep on talking to make you feel positive.

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